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About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

Since 2002, 0x7a69 has provided technical programming, consulting, security and operations services to a variety of companies both big and small. We strive to meet your projects needs on time while giving you world class support and solid advice.

Our Mission.

Whether you need a digital mercenary to help put out a fire, or long term consulting services, we aim to provide only top notch technical expertise to help you meet your goals.

The Name.

Our name 0x7a69 is hexadecimal for 31337, which is leet speak, for elite. While we do pride ourselves on being super geeky, we also pride ourselves for only hiring the best.

Our Team

Company founder and fearless leader. Tanguy has strong familiarity with PHP, Laravel, Rails, Golang, various databases and more. He especially excels at coordinating team efforts in-person as well as online.
Christopher has decades of experience burning the midnight oil in the presence of UNIX, Linux, BSD, and other systems networked via TCP/IP, X.25, and who knows what else. He is a full-stack developer who will help architect your solution from the data model, to a Ruby on Rails (or PHP/ZF, node.js, or Golang) application, and even add a touch of CSS and Javascript to enhance the UX.
Scott's experience ranges from developing fault tolerant & distributed mobile APIs, to wrangling network and data center operations. Recently learning Golang, he has taken up a fascination with gophers and distributed search algorithms.
Derek is an experienced and dynamic DevOps rockstar. While touring our great nation or visiting your datacenter in his RV, he uses tools like Chef, Puppet, Docker, haproxy, and Varnish to scale, manage, and deploy large applications.
Andrew started programming external games for a BBS he ran in high school at the age of 15. He went to school for Computer Science and a learned the stuff he didn't know. Then he got a job and learned even more.
When not developing cryptographic algorithms, Naveen is often found down under, eating Golden Gay Time bars or Australian meat pies and driving his motorcycle.

Our Services

Your oasis in the technical desert.

We do all kinds of UNIX programming. Some of our specialties include projects in Ruby, Go, PHP, Obj-C, Swift, C/C++, Perl, Java and more.
Infrastructure automation? No problem. From a few servers, to thousands at at time, our experience is vast in devops. We can help you with your Chef, Puppet, Docker, CI pipelines and more.
Over the past 16+ of business we have learned a lot not just about programming, but also how people want to use software.. We can help you ensure your software is easy to use and attractive to boot.
No project is too big or small, please contact us if you need help with anything else, including disaster recovery and emergency technical support.
Whether virtual or physical we have spent years researching and locking down systems and places. We have a vast knowledge of PCI DSS and the best practices to properly secure all of your assets.

Contact Us

Drop us a line below and we will contact you to discuss your needs as soon as possible.

Office Location

Culver City, California

Phone Number

818 769 2593

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